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Do you own a fleet of trucks or cars?

Do you need to know where your vehicles are? Locate any vehicle or driver at any time, with ease and accuracy, 24 hours a day?

It doesn’t make a difference whether you have a single vehicle or a huge fleet on the road. You want to be able to manage them well, if you want to stay profitable. Dispatching orders and knowing where your vehicles are, isn’t always easy to manage. We can provide you with an optimal solution: WinCourier Tracking System!

How can your business benefit?

  1. Improved Customer Service
  2. Boost Performance & Sales Revenue
  3. Enhancing Your Competitive Advantage


1. Improved Customer Service

Are your drivers/vehicles caught in a traffic jam? Are they delayed with their deliveries?

Don’t keep your customers waiting for their delivery to arrive. Track your drivers and the deliveries! Keep your customers informed with real-time status updates of their deliveries. You will be able to answer customer’s inquires accurately and immediately. Keep customers informed of potential delays in advance of any complaints. Improve customer satisfaction through a delivery experience, which is positive and reliable. With the use of text messaging, drivers can be advised of order changes (i.e. amended delivery instructions, alternate routes). You will be able to adjust and recorded pricing with the assistance of real-time data logging, inclusive of wait periods.


2. Boost Performance & Sales Revenue

Plan ahead: Optimize your operation processes.

Reduce your administrative costs and optimize your corporate planning, while you use the detailed and objective information in your calculations, route planning and personnel management. Based on collected comprehensive data, you have the best possible overview about vehicle usage, operating hours, fuel consumption and driven routes. You are able to see, when staff is doing a good job. You do not have to call all around to find out, which of your drivers is best positioned for the next order. You will be able communicate directly with your drivers. With the use of text messaging, you will be able to send new assignments to your drivers and receive their confirmations. With the assistance of traffic information, you can prevent your fleet from being caught up in traffic jams and direct alternative routes. You save time and money. Making the best business decisions (real-time) and stay up to date with your business environment at all times. With the help of real-time information about driving routes, you will provide better security for your employees and vehicles. In case of emergency or theft your vehicle could be located.


3. Enhancing Your Competitive Advantage

Does your competition use GPS tracking by now?

Many businesses use our efficient, low-cost WinCourier Tracking System already. They have improved their customer service, increase their productivity and assure their competitive position.

Secure your valuable competitive advantage now! Place your order today.


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